In the summer of 2019, Bacardí decided it was time to fully embrace what they call ‘The Sound of Rum’ (a.k.a. sick a** infectious Caribbean tunes) and release its next campaign in a music video format. Joined forces with Major Lazer and Brazilian superstar Anitta to compose a summer hit and off we went to a paridisical beach in Costa Rica to film the whole thing. 

Long story short, to help boost the lauch of the music video, we took advantage of a hidden YouTube feature that allows you to skip the duration of a content by pressing the numbers on your keyboard. That’s how the Beat Machine was born. I designed an old school style editing software as the interface of this imaginary music and video editing software. It matched YouTube’s own interface perfectly so it totally looked like a native tool. Fun stuff. 

YouTube Works 2020:
Grand Prix
Creative Innovation
Webby Awards 2020:
Media & PR
Best Use of Video or Moving Image
People’s Voice Winner

Client • Bacardí USA 
Agency • BBDO Worldwide